Marcia Monroe - Yoga for a better life

Image: Marcia Monroe


Marcia Monroe is certified as a Yoga Teacher by the Iyengar System of Yoga. She has also been certified by the somatic methods of Body Mind Centering® and Feldenkrais®, RSMT.She has a degree in Dance and Movement Studies from the State University of New York, and is registered as Somatic Movement Therapist(ISMETA)


"Some say that ontogeny resembles phylogeny. An embryo, one month after conception, will change from ichthyic to amphibian, reptile to mammal. This million year drama, emerging upon the shores of the Paleozoic era, is enacted by an embryo within a matter of days. The sound of blood circulating inside a mother's womb is like the motion of the waves. It is the primal resonance which arrives to us." — Ushio Amagatsu

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